Dexda is in Madrid at SmartRail World: Superb panel discussion with Vincent Ouzounoff, Dominique RouxMarie BachDesforges Pierre and Isaac Centellas García on how cutting edge technology, AI and Machine Learning is helping increase the volume of trains, reduce the number of track issues and ultimately create a better customer experience. All supporting the global long term aim of ensuring more people use public transport to help reduce global warming. #customerexperience #AI #CBTC

The SmartRail World is the annual gathering of railway infrastructure managers, train operating companies, system and data integrators, and technology suppliers coming together to envision and build the digital railway of the future. It is dedicated to driving innovation and supporting the industry to meet evolving challenges through our news portal and global events.

SmartMetro is the platform for engaging with global metro and mass transit operators focusing on how technology such as AI and Machine Learning can solve the key issues affecting the urban transport today, from signalling and safety and effective maintenance, through to the digital passenger. Dexda is already working with Metro systems monitoring their existing data and turning it into accurate predictive insights.  Our proven technology allows faults to be identified before they become incidents up to 14 days in advance.