Understand the insights behind your alarm management data

Utilising smart AIOps transforms the effective management of alarm data, improving the operational safety and efficiency of your physical assets. Dexda’s proven machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise allows you to automate the process of looking behind your alarm management data to identify critical signals and insights.

Using historical alarm data Dexda can identify the links and causality behind alarms and alarm storms to enable organisations to move beyond real-time management to forward looking scenario planning. This is a powerful tool for the operational management of physical assets allowing operators to focus on priority alarms and predict likely high-volume periods in advance.

Dexda identifies:

  • Links & patterns to alarm alerts
  • Real frequency of alarms
  • Causality of alarms and alarm surges

Dexda delivers:

  • Optimisation of your rules engine
  • Reduction in asset down-time
  • Transformation to pro-active alarm management