Advantages of Dexda

Dexda’s highly accurate, predictive fault identification capability is transforming the world of infrastructure asset management. Our cloud-based machine learning application offers numerous cost and operational advantages to asset-based industries needing to meet a high level of regulatory compliance.

Speed to implementation

As an application-based solution, Dexda is ready to start working on your data straight away.

Cost to implementation

No need for expensive teams of data scientists to build and trial a solution over months and years. Dexda can deliver results in weeks.

Machine learning accuracy

Our unique machine learning algorithms identify key factors, discards red herrings and increases accuracy over time.

Works with legacy systems

We use open source APIs to allow fast and simple integration with your existing legacy systems.

Any data any scale

We utilise the widest range of data sources, including 3rd party applications, to create the richest possible data set to deliver accurate fault detection insight.

Future proof technology

As a cloud-based application with utilising opensource APIs, Dexda is highly flexible to evolve as your assets and systems do.

Easy to manage

The data we use is normalised at source. That means customers can define and manage their own rules and actions within the application without the need for specialised resource.

Simple, useable insight

Our algorithms and machine-learning processes are highly complex. But the insights and output are simple to use and easy for operational teams to action.