Consolidate and transform your
alarm management fast

Dexda’s application-based alarm management solution enables you to aggregate and consolidate your alarm data fast. Our cloud-based platform and open source APIs allows us to connect very quickly with your existing alarm data sources and containers and manage feeds at any scale.

Working with your existing rules engine we can quickly consolidate filter and rationalise your alarm alerts ensuring that priority alarms are clearly highlighted within an alarm dashboard configured to the specific requirements of your operations and business functions. All combined with a seamless automated integration with your service desk.

Dexda identifies:

  • Consolidated view of all alarm sources
  • Significant alarms amongst multiple duplications
  • Priority alarms over notification alarms

Dexda delivers:

  • Increased safety through removal of operator ‘alarm fatigue’
  • Single view dashboard real-time view of actual alarm status
  • Service desk integration for automated ticketing