Predictive asset incident intelligence
for water utilities

Effective water infrastructure incident management is increasingly under the spotlight as regulatory bodies increase compliance requirements and customers demand both cost effective and more sustainable solutions. This creates a real challenge for water companies with a large and often aging asset base, how can they improve operational efficiency and meet regulatory demands without increasing further their infrastructure costs?
Dexda works by making sense of the huge pool of data that already exists from your infrastructure. It turns that data into a real time view of your asset status and delivers accurate predictive incident intelligence for water utilities, indicating where and when future incidents will occur.

A smarter view of your data

Dexda’s cloud-based solution rapidly models your existing asset data to provide dashboards that deliver simple, clear actionable information for your engineers and operation teams. Allowing them to proactively address issues before they become incidents. This means less leaks, fewer spills and more effective maintenance scheduling.

Dexda benefits

  • Real time automated predictive fault detection
  • Faster asset condition response & fix
  • Improved asset condition
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Regulatory targets met or exceeded
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The Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival

The Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival allowed Dexda to demonstrate its Machine Learning capabilities on real pipe network data. In one of the festival’s many Design Sprints, a collaborative team from Dexda and NWG came together over 4 days and demonstrated just how water bursts could be proactively predicted from existing data sources within the organisation. The team went on to identify additional data feeds that would allow the Machine Leaning alogrithms to deliver ever more accurate and advanced incident predictions over time.
Northumbrian Water

Dexda NWG Innovation Festival Infographic

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