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Charles Burnham | CTO

Posted: 7 February, 2020

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We are living in an always-on age where consumers demand twenty-four-seven access to the services they depend on, both for life and work. For the businesses delivering these services, simply waiting for and reacting to service or infrastructure failure is no longer an option; the cost of regulator fines, lost revenue and damage to reputation is simply too great.


‘$300,000 – the average cost to a business of an hour-long outage ’
– Gartner Research


Across information and operating technologies, from banking to utilities and public transport, businesses are demanding a more efficient way of managing and operating their assets. The rapid digitisation of business together with advances in data science presents an opportunity to use asset condition and health data to predict how and when assets will fail. An intelligence led approach to asset management reduces failure rates and maximises the service lifetime of an asset by providing opportunities to carry out preventative maintenance.


Predictive fault management

Dexda is a cloud-based platform that uses big data and machine learning to add intelligence to the operational management of assets. Its machine learning applications provide real time protection against unplanned outages by predicting the sequence of how and when information/operating technology will fail.

Capable of applying its proprietary technology to any event data, the Dexda platform is entirely independent of the business/technology domain under its management. Its unique approach to predictive fault management uses guided machine learning workflow and big data to model the presence of ‘weak’ signals that can develop into business impacting issues.

Dexda’s machine learning models are loaded into its streaming platform where they are applied to the incoming data feeds of condition, status and health data. In real time Dexda raises insights that track the onset and development of weak signals before they develop into major issues.

With integrations to field service and IT service management tooling, Dexda can seamlessly despatch its predictive insights to workflow tooling in order to trigger automation and/or schedule an engineer visit.


Optimise service lifetime

Armed with the probability of an issue developing together with a time to failure, businesses using Dexda have the essential information with which to schedule and prioritise engineering resources.

Under Dexda’s control, fault management is more predictable, enabling the service lifetime of assets to be optimised and maintenance to be carried out only when necessary.


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