End to end observability across your entire IT ecosystem

A single, flexible and configurable event management solution to drive full observability and optimisation across your entire cloud and on-premise environments.

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Alarm Management & Predictive Fault Management for physical assets

Machine learning powered alarm management & fault prediction. Intelligently transforming the world of physical infrastructure, operations & maintenance.

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Visualise, identify, automate and manage enterprise-wide

Reduce noise

Optimise operations

Identify causes

Predict issues

Dexda delivers ‘out of the box’ simplicity with enterprise level functionality

Highly scalable

Rapid set-up

No code, low code

Flexible & configurable

Low/no maintenance

Any data at any scale

From front office to back office, our scalable data collection ingests and normalizes and source health and status data from all your digital assets and their management systems utilising opensource API’s.

Dexda Automated understanding

Automated understanding

We use your data feeds and 3rd party applications to create a rich data set. Our machine learning applications identify actionable insight from your data, enabling you to confidently manage on fact rather than guess work.

Dexda Predict and prevent

Predict and prevent

Accurately identifying asset incidents before they occur puts you in control. In real time, Dexda applies its models to identify not only time & probability to asset failure, but also the likely sequence to failure.

Dexda Manage end to end

Manage end to end

With clear dashboards, end to end event management process and integrations to leading automation and field service management tooling, Dexda lets your operational teams decide when and how to effectively pre-empt failure.

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