Great to explore this week where organisations are in terms of plans and priorities at the Future of Utilities Summit Online . Heard first hand from leading industry figures at E.ON, EDF, National Grid, Yorkshire Water, Centrica and SES amongst others talking about how the clever use of data is central to their future strategic direction and was set to re-shape the future of the utilities industry. Predictive analytics in particular has an incredibly important part to play in helping the utility sectors meet challenging targets while often working with physical infrastructure whose age is measured in decades! See on-demand videos from the summit here.

Dexda’s cloud-based solution rapidly models your existing asset data to provide dashboards that deliver simple, clear actionable information on the real time status of the considerable physical assets employed by utility companies allowing engineers and operation teams to proactively address issues before they become incidents. This means for utility companies:

  • Real time automated predictive fault detection
  • Faster asset condition response & fix
  • Improved asset condition
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Regulatory targets met or exceeded

The Future of Utilities event unites leading industry professionals to help shape the future of the utilities industry. Through a series of digital content events, including webinars, reports, roundtables and conferences, the key strategic topics that will determine, the future of utilities, thought leadership, shared experiences and networking opportunities are addressed.