Cubic Transportation partners with Dexda to deliver next-generation event management for customers in New York and London.

Discover how Dexda’s innovative event management platform utilising machine learning was implemented in both New York and London Transport authorities by Cubic Transportation as it continues to innovate its service for MTA and TFL. Dexda’s intelligent software helped Cubic gain a better understating of operational status, react faster to potential issues and reduce the time it takes to deliver new and innovate monitoring solutions to its customers.

Cubic is a technology-driven, market-leading global provider of innovative, mission-critical solutions that reduce congestion and increase operational effectiveness and readiness through superior situational understanding. At the core of their business is the dynamic revenue management platform that drives many of the world’s most complex fare collection and transaction processing systems for transportation. Cubic designs each system with reliability, quality and customer care in mind – providing a sustainable solution for today, and into the future.

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