The 2050 UK Water Innovation Strategy is a landmark document for the UK water industry from Water Innovation 2050  with the aim; ‘To create open collaboration opportunities across the water sector to drive transformational change through innovation that delivers greater value for customers and the environment.’ And sitting behind that objective is the understanding that transformational change is going to be driven increasingly by the clever use of big data and often AI and machine learning to deliver real insight and understanding.

The document establishes 7 key themes to target future innovation to deliver environmental, social and economic advantage. The themes are:

  1. Providing the service our customers and society expect and value
  2. providing clean water for all
  3. Protecting and enhancing natural systems
  4. Delivering resilient infrastructure systems
  5. Achieving carbon neutrality
  6. Taking a whole life approach to responsible consumption and production
  7. Enabling diverse future-ready people and partnership working

Read the full document here:

The document is a collaboration between an alliance of 19 major UK water utilities who are working together to’reinvent and reimagine the UK water sector by 2050. Importantly the initiative has a particular focus on identifying innovate innovative SME’s from outside of the traditional water sector supply chain to help deliver fresh innovative thinking.